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UDON's story begins more than 15 years ago. Travels, a lot of curiosity and a palate open to new flavors led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and gastronomy. The love affair was instantaneous and the spell was permanent. Their passion for the flavors, aromas and colors of Asian cuisine led them to open their first Udon in 2004, importing the concept of "noodle bar", still unknown in Spain, but with a tradition of more than 400 years in Asia.
In UDON we recover the healthy, balanced and nutritious character of Asian cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world. We follow a simple formula: Health and Flavor. We love to enjoy recipes with centuries of history made with fresh, organic and local raw materials. And for everything to be perfect, we prepare the dishes just as we like to eat them: always cooked to order.
Asian. Food. These two words, so simple and pure, tell our story. Now it's up to you to taste it.
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